So this week I have a project and a programming lab due, as well as finals to study for. Therefore, this weeks goal will be something not too time consuming, but still beneficial for me. It takes me a while to do school assignments at home because I will do a homework problem, then open up Reddit or some other time wasting site. I recently came across this program called RescueTime because I wanted to keep track of how long it took me to complete a computer based goal. Turns out the program is much more than a time tracker.

This is from Saturday, when I first discovered the program. Websites are given a customizable score ranging from -2 to 2 depending on how productive they are. These scores are used in an algorithm to determine if you were productive in a given time period. As you can see, on Saturday I achieved a .29 productivity score because I spent the day learning Ruby on Rails.

My goal is to finish the week with a positive productive score.