I am currently saving up for a pet hedgehog. Although I currently have enough money for one, I also need to save for college. Therefore, instead I will be cutting my spending to save enough money for one. I don’t really know how much a week I spend, but on Sunday I spent a little bit under $8 on food ($5 at Arby’s and $3 at Taco Bell). So for the week, I am shooting to spend a total of $50. This wouldn’t be too hard if I only counted my expenses to be food, but I am also adding bars (gasp!) into this. Therefore, in order for me to be able to drink this weekend, I need to spend somewhere in the range of $2-$4 on food a day.

I don’t know if this is too ambitious or not, but it will definitely be an exercise in will power. To tabulate costs, I will be carrying around a pen and a note card to write down every dollar I spend. Since when I go grocery shopping, I often buy for 2-3 weeks, I will only count the food I eat this week. Look forward to a long itemized list on Sunday morning!