I stopped blogging. I stopped blogging for two reasons. The first was that I couldn’t get octopress to act the way I wanted it to. I want to maintain two separate areas. One for my Goal A Week blogging, and the other for development oriented blogs. The second reason was that I often switch environments and it is pain to have to set up a ruby environment each time I want to blog. The solution to my problems was to rewrite my blog in Jekyll instead of using Octopress. Creating separate indexes for categories was a breeze and I have a solution in my head to make it look better. Another thing that Jekyll gives me is automatic GitHub building. Now I can either use Sublime and a Markdown previewer, or just use Prose.io whenever I want to create a new post. Overall, I’m very happy with the simplicity Jekyll is giving me.

The goal for the week of August 4th is to style this blog. It is way too basic for now, and could use some improvements.