I have spent the last week trying to bring my old personal site into the year 2011. Granted I did launch the previous version in 2010, but it looked more along the lines of 2005. Part of the problem with my old site is that I never really did anything with it. I launched it with place holders for design and coding work, but a year later there is still no content under those categories. I attribute this to the fact that my old website was never meant to be constantly updated, and therefore I lost interest.

In order to keep this website more active, I am taking a page out of a fellow Slovenian developer. Michael Lavrisha runs a tumblr site titled 1week1project. When I came across his site, I was immediately drawn to the idea. It is a way to measure productivity and to track what you have been doing. Every Sunday, I am going to post one goal for the week. These goals are going to be varied by nature. One week might be of a social nature, the next a technology goal, and the next a fitness goal. Either way, I am going to try to meet that goal by Saturday and post the results here as well as what I’ve learned.