Whoa! It’s Wednesday already? This goal achieved a 1 star because part of achieving my goal is to post about the success on Saturday/Sunday. I missed the mark a tad bit on this one.

However, spring break was awesome! I skied four days at Snowbird, a day at The Canyons, a day at Park City, and a day at Brighton. Of those seven days of skiing, I had 3 or 4 powder days. You really couldn’t ask for better snow for a trip. I have a ton of video footage taken from my GoPro that needs to be chopped up and tagged (See Goal #5), so I am hoping to put together an edit to show everyone.

I did manage to scare myself a few times. Snowbird has some of the gnarliest terrain I’ve seen. Shooting chutes, straight lining through chopped up crud, dropping cliffs with sketchy take offs and unsure landings. None of this would have been possible without the Atomic Bent Chetlers I bought (used) for the trip. They floated like heaven. I cannot wait to go back to Utah for another round.