• Sunday:

    • Arby’s 4.27

    • Taco Bell: 2.97

  • Monday:

    • Mac & Cheese: .57

    • PJs: 6.75

    • Bar: 9.00

  • Tuesday:

    • Pre-Seasoned Chicken: 3.52

    • Frozen Broccoli: .49

  • Wednesday:

    • Banquet Country Chicken: .88

    • Digiorno Stuffed Crust: 2.74

  • Thursday:

    • Hamburger Helper: .84

    • Ground Beef: .99

  • Friday:

    • Chicken: .79

    • Noodles: .75

    • Bars: 8.00

  • Saturday:

    • CiCis: 5.50

    • Movies: 6.00

Total: 54.06

Note: I ate leftovers a lot of the days for lunch/dinner. I didn’t bother including these since I already accounted for the cost. Also, a lot of meals were split with my roommate.

If it weren’t for the movie on Saturday, I would have met my mark. Still, with out knowing what I spend in a week, $50 was a good challenge. I found myself saying “no” to a lot of activities. Once you have a tight budget, spending $3 on a beer during the weekday doesn’t seem that important.

Celebrating my friend’s birthday on Monday set me back a bit, but you can’t put a price on friendship so I’m perfectly happy with the results. This week, I learned how much I spend a week when I am watching my budget. ~$50 seems like a lot for a weekly expense. I really need to watch my budgeting when I am not keeping a close eye on my wallet.