Whoa! So I’m only 6 months late in posting the results from my last goal. I’m going to try my best to give an accurate reflection of how I thought I succeeded in my goal, but given the time it might be a little hazy.

On the Sunday of that week I picked out 4 recipes and went shopping for the ingredients. During the week, I made two meals.

The chicken dinner turned out OK. I ended up burning some of the rice, but the glaze was delicious.

The chili on the other hand was delicious. This was my first time making chili, and I think I might need to enter the next chili cook off. I used ground turkey, chili beans, onions, green peppers, some sort of tomatoes that came in a can, and a jar of chopped jalapenos.

The biggest issue that I had with succeeding in my goal, is that each meal lasted 3-4 days. If I try this goal again, I need to pay attention to how big the serving sizes are for the recipes I pick out. However, this goal did teach me that if I can pick two days a week to cook a meal, I can eat more than Hamburger Helper and similar quick cook meals.