Lessons Learned


Mike Kusold / @mikekusold

About Me

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer at JumpCloud
  • Developing NodeJS professionally for 1.5 years
  • Lover of all things web related
  • Lifehacker


Powerful ToDo List


Gamified Habit and ToDo Tracker

Why I Use Both

  • HabitRPG: Great for habits and accountability
  • Todoist: Great for projects
  • Todoist: Has a beautiful mobile app


One way sync from Todist -> HabitRPG

						npm install -g todoist-habitrpg


NPM Stats

Github Stats

Lessons Learned So Far

Documentation is essential


  • Write for your audience
  • Verbose README

Tests from day 1

Tests are critical

  • Complete test coverage
  • Make it easy to run the tests
  • Continuous Integration
  • Stay green

Management can be hard and time consuming

Managing Pull Requests

Pull Requests

  • Be communicative
  • Require Tests
  • PR your own features

Managing Issues


  • Review often
  • Make use of labels
  • Redirect users to Github

People are afraid to contribute

I'm sorry to open another issue, but here I am.

...but if you ever feel like I’m overstepping my bounds in responding to Github issues, feel free to tell me and I’ll back off.

Rule #1

Don't be an ass

Acknowledge Contributions

Thank You

  • Pull Requests
  • Issue Answers
  • Documentation Help

No one stumbles upon projects

Advertise it

Tell people about in places your audience goes

Choosing the right language

NodeJS - Disadvantages

  • Difficult for non-developers to setup
  • Large program dependency

NodeJS - Advantages

  • Easy Development
  • Large Development Community
  • JSON and API requests
  • Great for distributing updates

Thank You